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ZRC Grands Fonds 300 1964 FRENCH NAVY Reedition for FOST

ZRC have been commissioned by the Oceanic Strategic Forces (FOST) to develop a Limited Edition of their legendary dive watch, the GF300 1964 French Navy Reedition.

The FOST have placed an order for 29 pieces with their insignia printed on the GF300’s dial as well as an inscription on its caseback.

The Oceanic Strategic Force was created on the 1st of March 1972. It is the Strategic Oceanic underwater arm of the French nuclear forces that arose from General De Gaulle’s desire to possess nuclear weapons.

It consists of 4000 sailors, servicemen as well as civilians, whom operate 4 next generation missile launcher nuclear submarines (SNG) –

6 nuclear attack submarines (SNA) as well as units assuring their command and support. The submarines represent a staff of 2000 highly qualified men.

The operational basis of the Strategic Oceanic Strength is located at “l’île Longue”: it assures the support and coordination of the armament system’s maintenance –

and SNLE (SNG). The SNA is situated in Toulon where the 1st model of the next generation attack submarines (SNA) of the barracuda type: the SUFFREN is scheduled to be released in 2017.

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