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Here’s cool brand that I recently came across. UNDONE Watches are pretty much a fashion diver brand but –

yes, there’s a but because the watches look like they’re pretty nicely finished, are all properly water-resistance tested and are powered by Japanese made Seiko NH35 automatic movements.

There are 6 main collections with 4 or 5 variants in each – I think these are mostly derivatives of their base model called, Aqua.

There are three special customization collections, too, where you can go into UNDONE’s online watch configurator and change the case finish, bezel, dial, handset, caseback or strap.

In fact you can take any of the basic watches from the Aqua collection etc. and start to reconfigure it in anyway you wish.

Note; if you choose an exhibition caseback the water-resistance goes down from 200m to 100m.

There are a couple special edition watches - the “59 Tattoo Shop & Barber” Aqua Vintage with its Fifty Fathoms meets Milsub inspired style was probably the best looking watch they have,

but the Blackout and Exthetics collections also had some striking models that are worth checking out, too. Prices start from around 450USD; the 59 Tattoo Shop & Barber is priced 590USD.


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