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ENNEBI Fondale 6000M Project

This is the latest project from Ennebi; the Fondale 6000M, which will be produced in a series of just 50 pieces with an additional 5 prototypes.I don’t have many details as the project is still in its infancy,

but I know that the watch case will be produced using Al Bronze or Aluminum bronze. Basically the same bronze that Anonimo used back in the day.And the same that is still used in the ship building industry for ship and submarine propellers, therefore super tough and corrosion-resistant.

A depth of six thousand meters has been governed not by the case structure alone but from the hydraulic crown press (a former Panerai design) which won’t allow the watch to go much beyond 600 atm.

Further features include: a Swiss automatic movement chosen instead of a hand-wound movement, so as not to frequently unseal and reseal the gaskets.

The seals on the crown are ensured by triple O-rings that have been radially mounted on the shaft of the crown plus a further gasket mounted on the watch case.

The dial is a sandwich, the handset something a little unusual but no doubt with an historic reference. This is Ennebi at its very best!

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