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Surely this is the ultimate homage watch! Bamford Watch Dept. have taken a brand new Rolex Submariner and have given it a face lift so that it looks just like –

a 1970s Milsub Ref. 5517 of the type that was issued as standard equipment to the British Ministry of Defense standard issue equipment.

And if you’re ever lucky find a good example of one - at auction you’d be looking at the best part of £100,000!

Special features of the Bamford Heritage Milsub include a tridot that glows blue, a metal bezel and watch case with fixed lugs bars (NATO version) as these were originally only worn on NATO straps, as well as steel military hands featuring a blue lume.

The outside of the Milsub’s case has been coated in MGTC, Bamford's proprietary military grade Titanium coating which as a tough matte grey finish.

A number of dial letters were available to choose from; however it seems that the letter B is all that is left. The Heritage Milsub by Bamford Watch Dept. will set you back £12500.

Follow the link HERE for more on the Heritage Milsub . . .


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