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ZRC Grands Fonds 300 FMCG 60th ANNIVERSARY

By TLex Here are a few cool photos taken of the 60th anniversary of the FMCG (French Mine Clearance Group).

A special event that was held on June 26th 2015 at the GPD in the Toulon Arsenal, the Southern French base on the Mediterranean Sea -

in which 6 members of the FMCG where congratulated for their mine clearance actions during 2014-15.

ZRC, who were the Official partner for the ceremony were proud to present each of the 6 Navy members a Grands Fonds 300 as a reward for risking their lives doing their call of duty.

A day prior to the ceremony, ZRC were at their training base to try on their gear particularly the diving kit of the commandos –

who have been testing the GF300 in real conditions such as: hull, anti-diver steel net, sunken armor truck and plane inspections.

Follow the link to read my in-depth REVIEW of the ZRC GF300.


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