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Minuteman MM SERIES Water-Resistance TEST

By TLex Here's an update on the new American watch brand, MINUTEMAN. Each of Miuteman's MM01, MM03, and MM04 200m water-resistant tactical field watches were successfully tested to 30 bar the equivalent of 300 meters.

Dry tests, wet tests, and humidity tests were conducted on each watch to comparable standard that Rolex for example require on their divers models. Minuteman use a Roxer NATATOR 40 / 125 for these tests.

The first of the watches, which are being built by AWCI certified watchmakers, should have already started to ship with the all pre-orders on schedule to be filled by the end of January 2014. Minuteman plan to halt their pre-sale pricing and switch to regular retail pricing as of January 1st 2014.

Follow the link HERE for all the latest news on Minuteman . . .


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