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ORIS Aquis Depth GAUGE

By TLex Oris have released their first ever mechanical depth gauge watch, the new Aquis Titan Depth Gauge. Unlike many of those fantastic and fantastically priced Swiss mechanical depth gauges; such as the X-Fathoms, this one is comparatively affordable. Not only does it look pretty damn good, but it promises to take you to new depths in terms of specification and innovation!

Oris are well known for producing specialist dive watches, they are a company that are very much at the forefront of mechanical dive watch innovation, so I have to say it's about time they produced a true diving instrument for use in the world of professional diving, a place where safety and protection are paramount.

Oris' engineers have applied the Boyle Mariotte Law to the patented Oris Aquis Depth Gauge. The law was named after chemist and physicist Robert Boyle, who published the original law in 1662. The actual application for measuring depth is simple yet ingenious.

The Aquis Depth utilizes a special Sapphire crystal, which is 50% thicker than an average crystal. It features a channel milled into the side, which runs anti-clockwise round the dial, stopping between one and two o'clock. At 12 o'clock, a hole leads to this channel. Expertly crafted, the join between the crystal and the case is sealed by a rubber gasket.

On descent, the air inside the channel is compressed by the surrounding water pressure, allowing water to enter through the hole at 12 o’clock. The edge, in light grey and dark grey, differentiates between water and compressed air on the scale around the outside of the dial, indicating depth while descending or ascending.

Diver safety is crucial, so Oris' innovative depth gauge ensures accurate depth measurement. The indicator benefits from no inertia, not delaying the accurate and actual depth indication, which is particularly useful in decompression breaks in lesser depths.

The Stainless steel watch case showcases an instrument-like design, featuring a uni-directional rotational divers bezel with a black ceramic inlay as typical of new Aquis models and a Water-resistant of 500m.

The presentation set of the new Oris Aquis Depth Gauge, presented in a special waterproof case, includes a replacement steel bracelet and a set of tools to change the strap.

Oris Aquis Depth Gauge Ref. No. 733 7675 4154 Set, Ø 46.00mm
· Automatic Oris movement 733 with date window at 6 o'clock
· Stainless steel case, water-resistant to 50 bar/500 meters
· Unidirectional revolving top ring with black ceramic inlay and minute scale
· Sapphire crystal, domed and anti-reflection coated on both sides, features a
milled channel for depth gauging and a yellow meter scale
· Rubber strap and metal bracelet as alternative
· Set includes waterproof case, separate metal bracelet and tools
· Swiss Retail Price CHF 3,500.00/ Set

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