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ROLEX Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA André Borchers LE by BLAKEN

By TLex Either I am incredibly naïve about the current state of mens’ fashions or (more likely) there are some ladies, who have more than a casual appreciation for what are essentially ’big boys toys’, but who still feel the need to take them and for want of a better word bastardize them so that they can match their handbags! This would appear to be one such example. Here’s another . . .

This special edition Rolex DEEPSEA has been custom coated by Blaken of Germany, whose custom watches, which are typically models from Rolex or Panerai are created using two multiple-patented hi-tech procedures and coated in DLC diamond-like carbon; a complex and expensive process that takes more than 16 days to reach a stage where it can meet with their stringent demands for toughness. Blaken’s patented DLC treatment is simply called ‘DLC-coating'.

The Dial has been created by accessories designer André Borchers also of Germany. The watch is a Limited Edition of 7 pieces. For further details contact Blaken . . .