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GANT Rugger L.A.S.

By TLex Hopefully you didn't just read the brand name and dismiss this as yet another cheapo fashion quartz powered pseudo diver! Because it isn't! OK, it is sort of, but it also has some pretty cool tricks features up its shirt sleeves, which compelled me to write about it!

Created by Michael Bastian, creative director of GANT Rugger and dedicated by him to their menswear editor, Lawrence A. Schlossman (aww ain't that sweet), the new GANT Rugger L.A.S. is the watch that they felt finally completed the look of their menswear collection. The vintage styled timepiece is inspired by those classic dive watches of the 70s - icons such as the Rolex Submariner, the OMEGA Seamasters and the Tag Heuer Octavia.

It has (according to the PR) been crafted in line with 'old watch-making traditions'. I'm not sure how they manged that whilst mass-producing it in a factory in China, but still! The L.A.S does have that desirable vintage look, which it does rather well. It has achieved this with a simple round Stainless steel case, a domed Plexiglas crystal, an epoxy coated rotatable divers bezel and of course a Milanese mesh bracelet another nod to its vintage roots.

The GANT Rugger L.A.S. comes in three metallic dial colors: navy, brown or orange. It will launch exclusively in the U.S for the holiday season and comes in a special GANT Rugger vintage Gift Box in washed military canvas priced 225USD.

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