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ROMAIN JEROME Octopus 888FT [Titanic-DNA]

By TLex Romain Jerome is about to take us on a journey twenty thousand leagues under the sea! Well perhaps not literally, but what the newly revised (from 2011) RJ Octopus will do that the other watches of the Titanic-DNA collection couldn't do - is combine that same wonderful romantic sense of the deep ocean with an actual divers watch (RJ's very first) that is capable of safely accompanying you into the depths of the ocean and beyond!

From RJ The Octopus, named after the ocean giant that became a powerful symbol in Jules Verne’s famous novel Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, is first and foremost a sports watch but also a genuine diver’s model. CEO Manuel Emch wanted this diver’s watch to be different in terms of both its aesthetic expression and its technical execution.

The Octopus features two crowns, one at 9 o’clock to set the watch and a second one at 3 o’clock for the elapsed time controller. It is equipped with an exclusive internal unidirectional rotating sapphire bezel system featuring engraved five-minute graduation. The chapter ring’s markers are enhanced with Superluminova “blue emission“ to ensure maximum visibility under the water. The hands are also luminescent.

Every detail of the watch echoes the number eight, a hint to the number of legs of the animal and a lucky number in some cultures. There are eight octagon head screws on the 45mm case as well as on the back of the watch which is stamped by a hand-engraved octopus, symbol of the conquest of great depths successfully undertaken by RJ-Romain Jerome. The two screw-locked crowns are adorned with eight rivets and guarantee a water resistance of 888 feet (270 meters) for each model limited to 888 pieces.

Faithful to the Titanic-DNA collection, the notched bezel contains oxidised and stabilised steel from the Titanic – another maritime giant. The dial carries the large X-shaped intersection found on dials in the RJ-Romain Jerome collections, with its carefully satin-brushed traverse struts and paws. For underwater sports devotees, it is, without the colors, the cross of St. Andrew’s flag which indicates the presence of divers practicing. Another detail of this watch full of references, the interior of the black rubber strap features suction cups like the ones found on the arms of an octopus.

The Octopus boasts lines that are virile and expressive, in harmony with the RJ-Romain Jerome design codes. The rugged appearance of the Octopus style makes a striking contrast with the meticulous watchmaking care devoted to each detail. Destined to become a future pillar of the brand’s sports collections, the Octopus comes in three different versions: steel, black PVD-coated steel and black PVD-coated steel with red gold. It is already available at all RJ-Romain Jerome authorized retailers.

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