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SARPANEVA Korona KO & The Ruler of Water

By TLex Stepan Sarpaneva brings a legend back to life with the creation of the the Sarpaneva Korona KO, a dive watch that is as unique as it is brilliant and that comes with a tale that is as cool as it is charming . . .

From SARPANEVA Finland, the land of thousand lakes, is actually counted to be a land of 188,000 lakes. There is a lake for every 29 Finns. In that sense, it’s no surprise that Finns also share thousands of tales about the unknown underwater.

The Sarpaneva Korona K0 is inspired by a legend of a smith, whose daughters were pulled deep down into the murky mansions of a lecherous underwater creature näkki. Anxious to save his daughters, the smith wrought himself a unique underwater instrument that told him the very limits of his life and the precise moment of his death, for it was the Ruler of Water.

Korona K0 is an outstanding, executive class sports watch in which the diver’s bezel is directly incorporated into the movement. This unique feature allows all functions to be set by using only one crown.

The concept was introduced in Baselworld 2010. Two years later in Baselworld 2012, three breathtaking versions finally surfaced: Korona K0, Korona K0 Two-Tone and Korona K0 DLC Black.

Every Sarpaneva Korona K0 is handcrafted at Sarpaneva’s workshop in Helsinki. As a very limited edition, every Korona K0 is counted as one of the few.

© Sarpaneva

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