RubberB Straps for ROLEX Sea Dweller & Submariner

By TLex Why one of, if not the most iconic divers watch on the planet has been so many years without a decent rubber strap is anyone's guess. Although Tudor supply their divers models with rubber straps; Rolex have to this day not produced a single rubber strap for any of their divers models; finally someone has . . .

High quality Swiss made vulcanized rubber that is engineered to fit precisely against the case of your beloved Sea Dwellers and Submariners is now available. They're even compatible with Rolex deployment clasps, however, at the moment they aren't yet compatible with Rolex's new Glide-Lock clasps.

I've not read of a rubber strap for the DEEP SEA, either, but it's only a matter of time. RUBBER B, a Miami based company have a choice of four colors available, They are: jet black, arctic white, pacific blue and chocolate brown. Where's orange, though? Common!

Straps typically cost 220USD. For further details follow the RUBBER B banner below . . .

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