Jaeger-LeCoultre MC Diving SEALs Auto [Spied in FAST FIVE Movie]

By TLex Actor Paul Walker is wearing a JLC Master Compressor Diving 'Navy SEALs' Automatic in his latest Fast & Furious movie 'Fast Five'. The version that Paul can be seen wearing (just about) has a stainless steel case and is mounted on the JLC's articulated rubber divers strap [Ref. 2018770]. Credit goes to sharp-eyed Don of the DWC dive watch forum; and thanks to Adam for the image taken from his iPhone at the bottom of the post.

I have since had a bit of a poke about on the net to see if there were any better images or any further evidence as to Paul Walker's relationship with the watch. There were a couple of other screen shots from Fast Five, where (to the trained eye) he appeared to be wearing the watch, but whenever the shot dictated an angle that would have revealed a perfect wrist-shot, Paul was mysteriously without the watch. This was the same for a number of images that I saw on his Facebook page.

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