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MARVIN BOGGS Wears An ENNEBI (exclusive oceanictime production)

By TLex Marvin Boggs may not get out much, but he certainly appreciates the fine workmanship and attention to detail, that Italian, artisan watchmaker Ennebi Instruments put into the Decima Mas Strumento. As would it appear does John Malkovich, one of the most innovative screen-actors of his generation.

He plays Boggs in the upcoming Hollywood recreation of DC Comic's 'Red' in which Malkovich co-stars with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren among others. Marvin Boggs, armed with an orange HILTI DX400 nail-gun can be clearly seen sporting the 47mm hi-grade titanium Decima Mas Strumento as made by Ennebi of Prato, Italy.

Malkovich's connection with Ennebi, doesn't end there. Provided I get the go ahead, I will be posting more exclusive material on John Malkovich and Ennebi, stay tuned . . . time to enjoy the pictorial!

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