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DRASS WATCH Tecnologie Sottomarine

By TLex Founded 1927 Drass is the oldest continuously active company in the diving industry today, and are unrivaled leaders in saturation diving systems, which include SAT diving bells, hypobaric chambers and rescue systems as well as numerous other offshore and deep sea diving solutions. In fact even as far back as 1937, when Drass held the Galeazzi world record for immersion with an Atmospheric Diving Suit they have been at the forefront of commercial diving systems.

satdive tungum

The Italian based company has many arms of which Drass Watch is one, albeit a relatively new one. Drass Watch initially came about from a collaboration with Anonimo, who supplied Drass with a special version of their Millemetri watch, which can still be supplied today.

To cut a long story short and without getting caught up in the politics, when Anonimo encountered financial difficulties a couple years back Drass decided to continue Drass Watch as a sole venture with their own manufacturing; and so Drass Watch’s new line ‘Technologie Sottomarine’ was born using Drass original case designs.

There are strands of Anomimo DNA intertwined with Drass' designs, which share the same Italian dive watch heritage as one might expect also to find in Panerai, Ennebi and more recently U-Boat, but the Tecnologie Sottomarine line is distinctive enough and evolved enough to be its own thing. Drass have applied their vast knowledge, expertise and unrivaled manufacturing of diving systems to their new watch line.


The new line of watches include three distinctive models that use two different case designs. Understated, sober and robust are the SATDIVE and SATDIVE Tungum which share the same case design. The latter has a stunning Tungum fixed bezel. And the TUNGUM watch itself with its unique round case, manual HEV and oversized crown; as simplistic an elegant an example of Italian dive watch design as there is. All models are depth rated to 120atm. Beating away under the hoods of the watches are reliable Swiss made mechanical movements.

Of the features peculiar to the line are oversized crowns with aggressive teeth, smart dial emblems (which bare the Drass name and the watches' 120atm rating) and the use of a relatively unknown alpha-brass known as Tungum alloy for their cases and fixed bezels; not only an innovation, but aesthetic enhancement which further distinguishes Drass.

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As well as being anti-magnetic and non-sparking, Tungum is well suited to marine environments and atmospheres such as the highly corrosive ‘splash zone’ where Tungum pipe is used for the outfitting of saturation control panels and diving bells, which are constantly exposed to saltwater. To date Drass are the only company in the world using this attractive looking alloy in watch design. As well as Tungum, the watch cases are also constructed from 316L Marine grade stainless steel, which comes in three finishes, brushed, polished or PVD.

MORE ON TUNGUM Taken from an article in the British Trade Review 1934, introducing Tungum alloy: ‘Tungum is an alloy discovered by a well-known metallurgist from whose name the alloy is derived. Experimenting with a view to finding a combination of metals suitable for a special purpose he had in view, he produced a compound which is known as TUNGUM. Recognizing that its close likeness to 22 carat gold would make it a marketable commodity the inventor carried out a series of tests which satisfied him that he had discovered a wonderful alloy.’

special editions

Drass watches are available off the shelf in a very limited numbers. They assign priority based on a Diver’s Logbook Copy or a Curriculum Vitae showing experience in the Diving or Offshore Industry. Not only an exclusive item, but also a kind of badge of honor if you will for those individuals who have dedicated their diving careers to working in the offshore world. Drass Watch are also able to design special series for companies looking for high value gifts for their key personnel or important clients. For further details on Drass Watch and to see their beautiful new website (launched today), please click on the Drass Watch logo below.

©Drass Watch

FROM DRASS WATCH ''Our watches express the sense of belonging to the diving, subsea and offshore world.

An environment where man and technology share the need for strength, performance, reliability and a straightforward approach.

Where experience and tradition is as valued as innovation.

Where being the right man can be revealed by a detail such as a glance or a well-timed short comment. Or by wearing a watch

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