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BOSCHETT Cave Dweller 2nd Gen (update)

By TLex The Cave Dweller 2nd Gen is about a month away from delivery and BOSCHETT are taking orders now. There have been quite a few improvements made to the new version, such as; increased depth of bezel notches, allowing for easier to grip and a more aggressive look. The bezel engraving and paint job is also bolder.

The new clasp is a huge improvement. It has a hidden diver's extension with micro adjustment and is released with a second set of push buttons. The end links have also been modified so as not to protrude down like the first set did. They look much better and will be a lot more comfortable say BOSCHETT, especially for those with larger wrists.

Some great news for 1st Gen owners; the 2nd Gen clasp can be retrofitted the 1st Gen bracelet. PVD images to follow shortly . . .


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