FullerWatch TSUNAMI (prototype)

By TLex Here's a very interesting dive watch project that you may not have been aware of. After two and a half years of research and design the Tsunami is finally at the prototype stage. FullerWatch's goal was to create a dive watch with the classic looks of the Seiko 6309-7040, but with use of easily interchangeable Seiko parts from the 7s26 & 6r15 divers (SKX007 & SBDC001). Please note that the watch is still under development. Stronger bolder looking hands and crown are planned.

Features - Domed Sapphire Crystal - Drilled Spring bar release - Hand Wind & Hacking Movement - 333m watch resist - 316L Stainless Steel - LTD 100pcs per Model Options - 12 dial versions - PVD - yellow or orange sports dials

From FullerWatch I just completed the first working Protoype of the Tsunami. The one that I've put together is an all silver and black example, Tan AR coating on the crystal, with no lume. This is not the finished dial, but it gives an indication as to where they are going. Everything else is as it will hit the streets.

I have to say that the watch came together looking and feeling superb. The weight and heft of the watch is incredible, and makes the 6309 feel like a toy. The thickness of the crystal gives a feeling of depth, and it's seamless integration with the thick, sloped bezel insert make it the truest "cushion" diver possible.

The fit remains true to the original Seiko watch from which I took inspiration, and sits on the wrist with max comfort and no jiggling, and the drilled lugs make strap changes a breeze. It's difficult to capture the true feeling in pics, but I tried my best. When the first few get a hold of these, I'm fairly certain they'll be blown away.

I'm proud to say that I've realized the vision of creating a truly top-notch quality divers watch which incorporates both vintage classic design, and 21st century technology and quality in manufacturing.

The Tsunami can also be modded with any Seiko, aftermarket, or custom parts designed to fit the 6R15 or SKX models, making options for modification virtually infinite, especially with new parts being created all the time. Not only that, but I've made two bezel styles and four styles of crowns in polished, brushed, and PVD.

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