LeJOUR Hammerhead Shark BRONZE [formidable beauty with teeth]

LeJOUR invites you to dive into the depths of time with their latest diver's model, the elegant, the classic, the stunning new Hammerhead Bronze, delivered in two handsome colors. Just don't get bitten by it! 

Whether or not you'll truly journey beneath the waves with the Hammerhead Bronze is up to you, but this latest marvel from LeJOUR Watches sure does invite the deep.

This exquisite diver’s watch, named after the formidable hammerhead shark, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and the spirit of adventure. The Hammerhead Bronze is not just a timepiece, it’s a piece of history worn on your wrist. Crafted from CuSn8 grade bronze, this watch pays homage to the age-old material that has been a cornerstone in maritime engineering.

Bronze’s unique ability to develop a distinctive patina over time makes each watch a personalized artifact, reflecting the wearer’s own journey. 

But even if patina isn't your thing, this rugged, hermetically sealed beast can be kept absolutely pristine with a refreshing splash of gentle solvent such as lemon juice.

The watch’s design draws inspiration from its namesake, the hammerhead shark, known for its distinctive head shape and unmatched sensory capabilities. 

The blue sunray dial mirrors the ocean’s mesmerizing hues, while the deep green a reflection of the hills on the shoreline. 

Meanwhile the bi-colored inner dial ring adds a sporty elegance, reminiscent of the shark’s dynamic presence.

Whether sat on your nightstand or in the brackish murk of the ocean, visibility is paramount. 

The Hammerhead Bronze ensures clarity in the darkest conditions with BGW9 Swiss Super-LumiNova on its hands and indices, casting a glow as captivating as the bioluminescent creatures on which its namesake feasts.

And at the heart of the Hammerhead Bronze beats the Sellita SW-200 Automatic Movement, a Swiss-made mechanism renowned for its reliability and precision. 

This movement is a silent workhorse, much like the hammerhead shark gliding across the ocean floor.

Designed to withstand the pressures of the deep, the Hammerhead Bronze boasts a water-resistance of up to 20 bar or 200 meters. 

So whether you're navigating the urban jungle or exploring the coral reef, this Hammerhead is your steadfast companion.

LeJOUR’s Hammerhead Bronze celebrates the ocean’s mysteries and the explorers who dare to uncover them. 

With a case-back adorned with a deeply stamped hammerhead shark motif, this collection is a constant reminder of our connection to the vast blue world.

The Hammerhead Bronze is a tribute to the fearless hammerhead shark and the enduring legacy of bronze in maritime exploration. With LeJOUR’s Hammerhead Bronze on your wrist, time becomes not just a measure, but a journey, something that will surely tell your story whatever that may be.

Thoughts? It's great to see the return of the LeJOUR Hammerhead, its use of Bronze perfectly showcases its classic silhouette. 

While the blue and green dials adorned with teeth-like indexes add that touch of excitement to the otherwise understated aesthetic.


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