LeJOUR Hammerhead Shark BRONZE [formidable beauty with teeth]

LeJOUR invites you to dive into the depths of time with their latest diver's model, the elegant, the classic, the stunning new Hammerhead Bronze, delivered in two handsome colors. Just don't get bitten by it! 

Whether or not you'll truly journey beneath the waves with the Hammerhead Bronze is up to you, but this latest marvel from LeJOUR Watches sure does invite the deep.

This exquisite diver’s watch, named after the formidable hammerhead shark, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and the spirit of adventure. The Hammerhead Bronze is not just a timepiece, it’s a piece of history worn on your wrist. Crafted from CuSn8 grade bronze, this watch pays homage to the age-old material that has been a cornerstone in maritime engineering.

Bronze’s unique ability to develop a distinctive patina over time makes each watch a personalized artifact, reflecting the wearer’s own journey. 

But even if patina isn't your thing, this rugged, hermetically sealed beast can be kept absolutely pristine with a refreshing splash of gentle solvent such as lemon juice.

The watch’s design draws inspiration from its namesake, the hammerhead shark, known for its distinctive head shape and unmatched sensory capabilities. 

The blue sunray dial mirrors the ocean’s mesmerizing hues, while the deep green a reflection of the hills on the shoreline. 

Meanwhile the bi-colored inner dial ring adds a sporty elegance, reminiscent of the shark’s dynamic presence.

Whether sat on your nightstand or in the brackish murk of the ocean, visibility is paramount. 

The Hammerhead Bronze ensures clarity in the darkest conditions with BGW9 Swiss Super-LumiNova on its hands and indices, casting a glow as captivating as the bioluminescent creatures on which its namesake feasts.

And at the heart of the Hammerhead Bronze beats the Sellita SW-200 Automatic Movement, a Swiss-made mechanism renowned for its reliability and precision. 

This movement is a silent workhorse, much like the hammerhead shark gliding across the ocean floor.

Designed to withstand the pressures of the deep, the Hammerhead Bronze boasts a water-resistance of up to 20 bar or 200 meters. 

So whether you're navigating the urban jungle or exploring the coral reef, this Hammerhead is your steadfast companion.

LeJOUR’s Hammerhead Bronze celebrates the ocean’s mysteries and the explorers who dare to uncover them. 

With a case-back adorned with a deeply stamped hammerhead shark motif, this collection is a constant reminder of our connection to the vast blue world.

The Hammerhead Bronze is a tribute to the fearless hammerhead shark and the enduring legacy of bronze in maritime exploration. With LeJOUR’s Hammerhead Bronze on your wrist, time becomes not just a measure, but a journey, something that will surely tell your story whatever that may be.

Thoughts? It's great to see the return of the LeJOUR Hammerhead, its use of Bronze perfectly showcases its classic silhouette. 

While the blue and green dials adorned with teeth-like indexes add that touch of excitement to the otherwise understated aesthetic.



DEEP BLUE Master 1000 II [uncompromising value for gen. 2]

Deep pockets are not essential, DB once again provides all that you'll ever need for any foray into the deep blue. 

Or indeed when it comes to getting your hands on a good looking, solid diver's watch.

Before we kick off, check out the model with the faux patina, it's pretty darn unbeatable for 170USD (current special price).

Discover the NEW Deep Blue MASTER 1000 II, a robust diver’s watch designed for the depths.

This timepiece features a generous 44mm case diameter and a 51mm lug-to-lug measurement, housed in a 15mm thick case, meaning that it's a diver meant for real men. It’s been built to withstand a substantial amount of water-resistance at 1000 feet (330 meters) thanks to its solid 316L stainless steel case. The watch is also equipped with a scratch-resistant ceramic luminous bezel that rotates unidirectionally with a precise 120-click cycle. Ensuring water resistance, it also comes with a screw-down crown and case-back. At its heart lies the Seiko NH 35 Automatic Movement, a reliable Japanese mechanism with a 21,600 VPH beat-rate and 24 jewels, featuring a date function. The movement’s intricacies can be admired through the exhibition case-back, showcasing a custom-designed rotor emblazoned with the Deep Blue logo. For visibility in the deep blue, the watch has a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating and Swiss Superluminova on the hour markers and hands. It also includes a Helium release valve for professional saturation diving, positioned at the 10 o’clock mark. Completing the design, the MASTER 1000 II offers a 22mm custom-designed soft silicone strap or a 22mm bracelet with a deployant clasp and micro-adjustments for comfort.

For more details on the MASTER 1000M II’s features, please visit the official DEEP BLUE website. 



NOVE Marine Collection [dive into modernity]

Crowd pleaser or a diver's watch that dares to stand out from the crowd? You be the judge. In this fast paced world take a well-earned break and dive into the depths of modernity with Nove’s latest diver's model as your trusted companion.

Introducing the NOVE Marine watch, an upgraded version of the Rocketeer, maintaining its sleek chamfered and geometric design while incorporating advanced diving capabilities. 

A diver that embodies the essence of modernity and refinement, neatly packaged as a timepiece that serves as the stylish accessory on land and the reliable dive buddy in the deep.

With precision and innovation at its core, the NOVE Marine stands proudly as an alternative point of view, a solo voice in modern Swiss watchmaking that hopes to be heard above constant chatter of retro and vintage styles. 

It features a diving bezel with twelve Super Luminous markers, inspired by the NOVE Atlantean model.

While the bezel is fixed it includes an innovative inner ring that can be rotated using a screw-down crown located at the 2 o’ clock position. 

A vital diver's safety feature and your key to the depths of the ocean, created using high-tech Swiss craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship that dares to dream as the NOVE Marine is proudly born from a vision to create a timepiece that transcends the ordinary, thus a diver for individuals.

Meanwhile its screw-down crown is marked with a red aluminum ring indicating its locked status. When the crown is unscrewed, the red ring becomes visible, signaling that the inner ring can be adjusted in both directions. 

After setting the minute counter on the inner ring, the user can screw the crown back in place until the red ring is no longer visible, ensuring that both the inner ring and crown are securely locked. 

This locking indicator is also present on the time adjustment crown at the 4 o’ clock position.

Its dual screw-down crown system and 200-meter water-resistance are testaments to its fearless nature, inviting you to plunge into the depths with confidence.

A symphony of light and shadow adorn the dial, with the highest grade of Swiss Super-LumiNova C3, the Marine doesn’t just tell time, it illuminates it. 

The luminescent glow is your guide through the murkiest of depths, the darkest of nights, ensuring that time is always within sight no matter where you are or how dark it is.

And there’s strength in every element, encased in 316L Stainless steel, the Nove Marine is as enduring as the mountains. With a case size of 41.5mm, the watch appeals to a broad audience. 

While its interchangeable band system allows for easy customization to suit various occasions.

The watch uses a double-curved Sapphire crystal to enhance the dial’s visibility and showcase the dial accents. 

While a similar double-curved Sapphire crystal case-back provides a window onto the soul of the Nove Marine, showcasing the Swiss innovation that drives every second.

With precision at its core, its heart beats thanks to a Swiss automatic movement, the trusty cal. SW200, a heartbeat of reliability. 

Its robustness is matched only by its versatility, with an interchangeable bracelet that adapts to every adventure and every mood.

And for true divers, the extendable diver safety buckle provides quick bracelet length adjustments, accommodating long-sleeved wet-suits. 

Finally there's a promise of excellence with a 3-year warranty, the Nove Marine’s commitment to be there whenever something goes wrong.

For more info. on the NOVE MARINE collection, please follow the link. NOVE are kindly offering 10% OFF using discount code: OT10 which is valid until May 31st. 


Movement: Swiss-made Sellita SW200 

Crystal: Scratch-resistant Sapphire with anti-reflective coating 

Case, Bezel, and Band Material: 316L Stainless steel 

Water Resistance: 200 Meters / 660 Feet Size: 41.5mm 

Thickness: 13.05mm 

Power Reserve: 41h 

Warranty: 3 Years



AUDAZ Sea Ranger GMT Meteorite [crossing time & space]

Embark on a journey through time and space with the AUDAZ Sea Ranger GMT METEORITE, a watch that transcends boundaries and keeps you connected, no matter where your adventures take you. Sea Ranger GMT: The Sea Ranger GMT is not just a watch; it’s a statement for the modern explorer. Its additional GMT hand elegantly sweeps across the dial, allowing you to track a second time zone with ease. The 42mm 316L Stainless Steel case, with its 50mm length and 14.50mm height, is designed for comfort and style, reflecting the dynamic spirit of those who are always on the move.

Meteorite Dial: The dial of the Sea Ranger GMT is a piece of history, each one boasting a unique Widmanstätten pattern from meteorite fragments that have journeyed through space to grace your wrist. 

These dials are not just timekeepers; they’re conversation starters, adding a cosmic touch to the watch’s sophisticated design.

Easy to Read: With the Sea Ranger GMT, clarity is key. The Swiss Super-Luminova on the indices and hands ensures that time is always visible, whether you’re diving into the ocean’s depths or jet-setting across the globe. 

The watch’s design philosophy centers on legibility, making it an indispensable tool for any adventure.

GMT Automatic: At the heart of the Sea Ranger GMT beats the TMI NH34 Automatic movement, a marvel of engineering with 24 jewels and a 21,600 BPH frequency. 

The 41-hour power reserve means your watch keeps ticking, even when you’re off the grid. The exhibition case-back is a window into the watch’s soul, showcasing the precision and care that goes into every Sea Ranger GMT.

For the traveler who seeks both elegance and utility, the AUDAZ Sea Ranger GMT is a beacon of reliability. It’s a watch that not only tells time but also tells a story of wanderlust and discovery.

To learn more about this remarkable timepiece and to join the ranks of discerning adventurers, follow the LINK to explore the new Sea Ranger GMT from AUDAZ.


AUDAZ Abyss Diver 1000M Meteorite [from deep space to the ocean’s depths]

Dive into the cosmic ocean with the AUDAZ Abyss Diver 1000M METEORITE watch, where the mysteries of deep space and the ocean’s depths converge in a timepiece of unparalleled strength and beauty.

Indestructible Case: The Abyss Diver 1000m is a fortress on your wrist. Crafted from 316L Stainless Steel, this watch boasts a 44mm all-brush finish case that’s as resilient as it is refined. 

Its 4.8mm thick Sapphire crystal and screw-down crown, coupled with advanced Helium Escape Valve technology, ensure that this robust dive watch can withstand the most demanding atmospheric pressures encountered in the ocean’s abyss.

Meteorite Dial: Each dial is a slice of the cosmos, featuring genuine meteorite fragments. The mesmerizing Widmanstätten patterns—a testament to its celestial origins—give the watch an otherworldly elegance. 

These dials are not just watch faces; they’re rare artifacts from space, making each timepiece a unique collector’s item.

Functional Design: The Abyss Diver’s case is perfectly paired with a 316L Stainless Steel 3-link Classic Oyster style Bracelet with Solid End Links, ensuring a secure fit that’s both comfortable and stylish. The Divers extension on the milled clasp is a practical addition for divers who need to adjust the watch over their wet-suits. And for those who prefer versatility, an extra Silicon Strap is included with every watch.

Legible Dial: Visibility is vital. The Abyss Diver’s dial is designed to be clutter-free and highly legible, with large applied round hour indices and a triangular indices at 12 for easy underwater orientation. 

The Swiss Super-Luminova on the indices and hands guarantees that time can be read in the darkest depths.

Dependable Movement: The heart of the Abyss Diver is the Miyota 9015, a top-tier Japanese Automatic Movement known for its reliability. 

With 24 Jewels, a 28800 bph beat rate, and a 42-hour power reserve, this movement is a powerhouse of precision.

Embrace the fusion of space and sea with the AUDAZ Abyss Diver 1000M Meteorite—a watch not just for telling time, but for telling a story of adventure and exploration. 

For more information and to become a part of this stellar journey, follow the LINK to discover the AUDAZ Abyss Diver 1000M Meteorite.


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