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There are a couple of ways in which you can acquire a good-looking diver’s watch with one of those iconic Snowflake handsets:

You could track down one of the highly sort after, rare vintage Tudors; you’ll need a pile of cash for a good one, though.

Or you could invest in one of Tudor’s modern diving beauties like the Black Bay or Pelagos; it would be money well spent imho and would be my route of choice.

Not everyone has such a budget to play with, though and not everyone is willing to pay what are widely considered the exorbitant prices that big brand Swiss timepieces command.

There is however a third route; the homage route. ‘’Bloody rip offs’’; I hear the Tudor fanboys among you say.

Well I’m afraid, folks, this is the way of the world - it is not a problem that is exclusive to the watch industry, either.

Since the relaunch of the Snowflake endowed BB Heritage, a number of smaller brands, particularly those catering towards the collectors market have borrowed from this iconic watch for their new vintage diver’s models.

Ten years ago it was Omega’s perhaps even more iconic Plongeur handset. Rolex’s Mercedes Benz handset is still one the most copied handsets on sports watch. And so on and so forth.

Today Aquatico is making a splash with their new Sea Star, a dive watch with an unapologetic derivative style,yes, but ultimately beautiful and offering a lot of bang for the buck.

This 299USD diver’s watch not only boasts said desirable Snowflake handset but is also offered with a bi-colored diver’s bezel in a choice of trendy Pepsi and Coke variants.

There is also a version with a black bezel, and dial with gold gilt hands and markers as well as a single line of red text. For Pelagos fans, there’s an all blue affair with white hands and markers.

The Sea Star also has a Big Crown – so all the references you could ever wish for. Turn it over and on its back is a charming little mermaid perched on the Aquaitco dolphin’s back.

Power comes from Seiko TMI NH35 automatic movement. Further spec. includes: a Sapphire crystal, a 42mm Stainless steel case and 300 meters of water-resistance.

Follow the link embedded, below for more on this and other diver’s models from Aquatico.


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