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Henri Germain Delauze 1929-2012

By TLex Henri G. Delauze CEO and Founder of COMEX passed away this week aged 83. If one name was ever synonymous with Rolex and commercial diving it was COMEX. The French company has led the way in industrial deep diving since 1961, when it was first started by Henri Delauze. COMEX divers, who can work at depths of more than 300 meters . . .

using helium-based breathing mixtures have historically been equipped with the either Rolex Submariner or Sea Dweller watches bearing the coveted black on white COMEX text on their dials, not just a badge of honor worn by those such as Henri, but a highly prized symbol that has caused tens of thousands of dollars to exchange hands between Rolex collectors. Henri G. Delauze lead an extraordinary life, which is well worth reading up on if you ever get the opportunity.

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