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KAVENTSMANN Bathyal BRONZE (low-tech meets hi-spec.)

By TLex In German, ‘Kaventsmann’ is a term used colloquially to describe hefty objects. It is also used to describe rogue waves, a natural phenomenon whereby large waves seem to spontaneously occur far out to sea. The name BATHYAL refers to the bathypelagic zone lying between 1000 and 4000 meters.

No two names could be any more apt for a hefty handmade German dive watch, which has been pressure tested to 290 bar. A dive watch made using traditional low-tech artisan methods; from the humble paper and pencil to the lathe. And a dive watch that is not only magnificent to look at, but pretty damn impressive on paper, too . . .

Introducing the Kaventsmann BATHYAL Bronze, entirely handmade in Germany, the work of just one man wanting to hand build a watch for his father’s birthday. Like its namesake the KAVENTSMANN Bathyal Bronze is big and hefty. Its case measures 48mm in diameter with a thickness of 19mm and an overall length of 56mm.

The type of Bronze used for the Bathyal Bronze, CuSn8, also used by Panerai for the latest version of the Luminor Submersible, the PAM 382 ‘Bronzo’. It is favored for its high structural strength and warm-tones that are the result of its natural aging process.

The BATHYAL’s large bronze crown system was developed by Kaventsmann; a rundle nut is fixed on tubes and the crown is then screwed into the nut. The crown system has then been sealed 4 times. It features an 8mm thick Plexiglass acrylic crystal of the type used for the windows of the U.S. Navy Bathyscaphe Trieste, the first and only manned submersible to venture to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

The watch features a 5mm thick caseback fixed with 4 specialized screws. At the moment the prototype caseback is made of bronze, but Titanium or 316L stainless steel are possibilities. Personally I favor titanium for its hypoallergenic properties and light weight, which will make the Bathyal Bronze a far more comfortable wear against the wrist.

Further features and specifications of the Bathyal Bronze include: certified water-resistance up to 290 bar/ 2900 meters (below: destroyed crystal / K.U.M certificate), a Swiss ETA 2824-2 mechanical movement, Super-LumiNova applied hands and markers, a 24mm x 5mm thick leather strap. The buckle is yet to be confirmed, but it will possibly also be handmade and in bronze.

KAVENTSMANN will offer 3 finishes for the Bathyal Bronze: polished, blasted or brushed. A further option for a left-handed crown position is also available. Production of a Limited Edition of just 20 pieces will start in September. The Kaventsmann BATHYAL Bronze is priced at 1199 €uro / ≈ 1734USD

For the latest Bathyal Bronze developments log onto the KAVENTSMANN Facebook page or simply follow the logo below to the Kaventsmann website (currently under construction) . . .

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