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ZLATOUST Diver 193-ChS #17

By TLex Introducing the new ZLATOUST 193-ChS, the scaled down and slightly updated (if you will) version of the famous 191-ChS 'Vodolaz' DIVER. The legendary 191-ChS, which has become a rare and collectible item, was made in the Zlatoust Clock Factory in the 60s. It was worn exclusively by USSR Navy aquanauts, who wore the huge 60mm watch for operational use despite an application radioactive material on its hands and dial markers.

More recently, the 191-ChS was given a re-edition as the 192-ChS, which was produced minus the harmful radioactive material. However despite this the 192-ChS still remained an enormous 60mm in diameter, making it almost impossible for anyone to wear except perhaps Arnold Schwarzenegger (the man, who in many ways was responsible for bringing the watch into the limelight) or other herculean types.

This meant that despite its extraordinary heritage, the 'Vodolaz' dive watch could not easily be worn by enthusiasts and devotees; not until today that is. I had mentioned in my previous ChS-192 article a Russian Military watch expert, who collaborated with the AGAT Clock Factory to re-design a 53mm version of the watch, the ChS-193. This watch is now available (for the moment in limited supply).

Apart from its scaled down 53mm case size, a new more comfortable left-handed crown placement and an automatic Vostok 2415 movement, which replaces the original hand wound 2409, this is the same 700m fixed bezel dive watch that has been hand crafted in Russia. It has been made in the same manner that other 'Vodolaz' have been since the late 50s. It looks the same and feels the same. There are a couple of minor cosmetic enhancements, though; such as a new handset, an 'Agat' factory logo (12 o'clock) and 'RUSSIA' text (6 o'clock).

Currently I don't know of anyone, who has stock of these watches outside of Russia apart from the same Russian Military watch expert, who co-designed it with the AGAT factory, who I got both my 192-ChS and 193-ChS watches from. He has just 17 pieces of the new 53mm version available and 2 remaining 60mm watches. Interested parties should drop me an email if you would like to be put in touch with him . . .

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